Protect yourself from pickpockets: Travelon anti-theft messenger bag

Want to carry your personal items with you while traveling, but you’re too scared about being pickpocketed? Mamma Loves Travel reports on the Travelon Anti-Theft messenger bag, which are packed full of handy and safe features to make your journey less stressful (and more enjoyable).

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Pickpocket facts: what to look out for

Pickpockets, fraudsters and thieves go to extraordinary lengths to steal your belongings. From slashing bags with knives, to being able to scan your credit card while it’s in your wallet, their methods of stealing are advancing at an alarming rate.

Back in January, TripAdvisor reported on the top 10 cities you are most likely to be pickpocketed. Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam, Rome and Paris made the cut. Some of these cities have professional pickpocketing rings, working in groups around major tourist destinations such as the Eiffel Tower.

And while these thieves are becoming more sophisticated, travel safety products are also advancing, using some of the latest technologies to keep you and your family safe while traveling.

While traveling around Europe, our family chose to use the Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag. We not only found it safe to use (we were never targeted by any thieves), but it was stylish, comfortable and convenient. It was definitely a great investment!

When Travelon was researching the behaviour of thieves, they discovered that bag slashing was the number one method used by thieves to rob tourists.

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Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag

Travelon’s anti-theft safety features

Travelon’s bag design features innovative reinforced panels inside the bag that are made of flexible chainlink mesh constructed from stainless steel.

The shoulder strap is concealed by stainless steel cables and is cut-proof, which prevents thieves from being able to slash your bag strap. But the strap is still comfortable on the shoulder, even when the bag is heavy. The strap can be adjusted to suit the wearer’s height (we found this useful as my husband is taller than I and we were both able to comfortably wear the bag).

The bag has a large compartment with enough room to carry your daily essentials. Some handy items to pack in your Travelon messenger bag include:

Cell phone
Small water bottle
Travel guide book or maps
Passport and other identification documents
Small camera
Compact umbrella
And yes, the Travelon anti-theft messenger bag is large enough to carry an iPad!

But you might be wondering, how safe is it carrying identification documents and credit cards given the use of RFID by would-be thieves?

RFID is radio-frequency identification, when thieves use a chip device with a small antenna to read and capture data from tourist’s credit cards inside their wallets and travel bags. The device uses radio waves to capture the data, and can apparently be done from several feet away.

Fortunately, Travelon bags include an RFID block card and passport slots. The RFID blocking technology built into the Travelon anti-theft messenger bag helps to prevent RFID from occurring.
travelon anti theft messenger bag inside space

How can you keep all your items organized?

When traveling, carrying so many items in a bag can be frustrating. To help make things more organized for you, the Travelon anti-theft messenger bag has several compartments, perfect for organizing and neatly storing your passports, credit card and other identification cards.

And to make it easier for you to find an item in your bag, especially at night, the bag includes a handy LED light.

Travelon’s really cool bonus features

One of our favorite features of the Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag is that there is a hidden caribeener which enables you to lock your bag to a chair or post when you are out and about. We used this feature when we were enjoying a coffee in a café and didn’t want to worry about someone running past and grabbing our bag and running off with it.

Another great safety feature is the lobster claw clasps. There is no need to use a special lock on the bag as the clasps provide enough protection from would-be pickpockets without making it too annoying for you to open when you need to unlock a compartment.

It’s not all about safety: comfort and style

The minimalist design makes this a unisex bag which can be used both during the day and also at night when going out for dinner. It is fairly discreet. In fact, many people use their Travelon bags at home and not just when traveling- they really are versatile.

The bag comes in a range of colors: black, midnight blue, stone, chocolate and olive.

Comfort is an important factor when choosing the right travel bag. When you’re spending a day walking around the streets of Paris or Rome, you need a travel bag that is not only practical but comfortable to wear for many hours. A messenger bag is great for this, as the way the bag is worn helps to spread the weight across your body rather than just on your shoulder.

But if you would rather use a backpack or a larger bag, rest assured, because Travelon offers a range of other travel bags all with the same design principles and advanced anti-theft technologies.

A final word

When you’re away on vacation, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings and possible safety risks and hazards. But it isn’t going to be much of a vacation if you are so stressed about safety. Be mindful, be aware, but most importantly, enjoy your vacation.

Using a Travelon anti-theft bag such as the messenger bag we have reviewed here is one way to keep your belongings safe without having to resort to drastic measures. The bag has been designed with tourists in mind, but is also stylish enough for anyone to use. For further information or to purchase the bag, click here.

With innovative reinforcements, slash-proof cabling and other cool safety features, you won’t regret investing in a Travelon anti-theft bag for your family’s next vacation!


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