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Ciao luggage isn’t as well-known as Samsonite or American Tourister, but it’s still a popular luggage brand with a range of different luggage pieces on the market. I decided to write a bunch of Ciao luggage reviews for those of you who want to learn more about the Ciao range before choosing one to buy.

My Ciao luggage reviews will give you a better idea of the Ciao luggage you can choose from, and what the difference is between the luggage pieces.

Ciao Luggage Reviews 2019


ciao luggage reviews


Whether you’re after a hard sided, soft sided, luggage set or duffel bag, Ciao luggage offers a range to suit all travelers needs.

The most popular Ciao luggage piece is the underseat bag that I recently listed in my top underseat luggage bags review, but those shopping for luggage also prefer to read Ciao Voyager luggage reviews.

If you’re someone who likes luggage that isn’t plain or boring, Ciao luggage has a few different options that stand out. There’s a paisley luggage set, as well as polka dot hardside spinner luggage pieces, and hardside luggage with an industrial-looking design.

In my Ciao luggage review post, I’ve chosen the six most popular Ciao luggage pieces.

Ciao Luggage Carry On Suitcase Wheeled Airplane Weekender Under the Seat Bag

Ciao Convertible Expandible Under Seat Carry-On Luggage

Ciao Voyager 3-Piece Hardside Spinner Luggage Set: 28″, 24″, and 20″


Ciao Voyager Luggage Reviews

Ciao Voyager Luggage Set 
Sizes1 x 20-inch
1 x 24-inch
1 x 28-inch
ExteriorABS Polycarbonate hard sided
InteriorFabric lining; Internal zippered dividers.
Wheels4 x 360 degree spinner wheels
HandlesLightweight aluminium telescopic handles; Top carry handles; Side carry handles on the 24-inch and 28-inch.
Other FeaturesReinforced corners to prevent tearing; smooth rolling spinner wheels; Ribbed exterior to disguise possible scratches or scuff marks.
Colors AvailableAqua or Dark Lake Blue.
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How to choose the best Ciao travel luggage

Ciao Luggage Sizes

The type of luggage you use when traveling could make or break your trip. It’s important to choose the right size luggage depending on how much you’re packing and how you will be traveling.

Comfort and practicality are important. If you’ll be doing a lot of walking, you don’t want to be dragging large, heavy luggage with you. If you don’t like waiting in airport queues and you’re only going away for a weekend, a carry-on bag might be a better option.

Ciao luggage has considered these needs. It offers a range of different sized luggage in every possible size category. Whether you’re looking for a Ciao convertible underseat carry-on or Ciao expandable luggage, you’ll find our Ciao luggage reviews helpful.

Ciao luggage sizes begin with Ciao expandable 15-inch luggage pieces and go up in size to a 28-inches. You’ll find sizes such as 19 inch, 20 inch and 24 inch are the most common. Also the most popular Ciao luggage is the Ciao Voyager hardside spinner luggage set.

Ciao Luggage Design & Style

Ciao luggage has created stylish-looking, high-quality and practical luggage pieces. Not only are they practical for your travel needs but they look great too, with Italian design elements.

Like most high-quality luggage pieces, Ciao luggage uses ABS plastic which is durable and protects the luggage from scratches and damage that usually occurs in transit.

The different color options are great when you want to stand out! Colored luggage also makes it easier for you to spot your luggage on the carousel at the airport. How many times have people picked up the wrong black suitcase? Try a sleek option like metallic silver or a bold blue.

Ciao’s luggage pieces are on 360 degree spinner wheels, making it so easy for you to wheel your luggage around at the airport.

Ciao hardside spinner luggage vs soft spinner luggage

Traditionally, luggage has always had a softer exterior. In recent times, luggage companies have opted for a hardside polycarbonate exterior.

Ciao hardside spinner luggage has a hard exterior to protect for wear and tear during transit. Hardside luggage is tougher because it doesn’t tear. You can still have dents and scratches in hardside luggage however it is more durable than soft luggage.

Throughout our Ciao hardside spinner luggage reviews, we mention the materials that the luggage is made of and the benefits of hardside exteriors. There are still Ciao luggage pieces available that aren’t hardside, if you prefer a traditional luggage piece. The choice is yours!


ciao voyager hardside spinner luggage reviews


What about the interior?

Not only is the external sturdiness important but so is the interior. You want luggage that has enough space and organization to neatly pack your belongings. You want luggage that keeps your belongings safe and clean.

Ciao luggage pieces have sectioned interiors so that your belongings stay put during transit. There’s nothing worse than opening your luggage to find that all of your clothes and personal items have been tossed around and are messy and unorganized. There are pull down straps and zipper dividers made to keep everything neatly organized.

Some of the Ciao luggage pieces also have the ability to expand so that you can fit more items. This is handy for when you’re traveling home- you always go home with more than when you left home!

There’s also a protective layer between the outer shell and the interior and the corners are reinforced to further protect your belongings.

ciao hardside luggage reviews


Ciao Luggage Weight

You don’t want to be lugging a heavy suitcase around an airport or even around your destination. Traveling is tiring and the last thing you want to do is lose energy and effort from pushing and pulling luggage.

Ciao luggage has designed its luggage pieces so that you can easily move them around on their 360 degree spinner wheels made of durable nylon. This can only be achieved with luggage that is built with lightweight materials and has the right design. There are also strong handles to help reduce the effort required to lift the luggage.

The luggage also features ergonomic telescopic handles made of strong aluminium.

Ciao Luggage Safety

Lost luggage is a common occurrence during travel. Some of the Ciao luggage pieces have a fitted TSA compatible combination lock. The Transport Security Administration is able to access your lock without requiring your key because they have a master key. The locks are tough and difficult for anyone else to open, giving you extra protection from theft.

The internal mechanisms of the lock are patented, hence why the locks have a lifetime guarantee.


Ciao Luggage Warranty

Ciao offers different warranties on its luggage pieces. Most come with a standard 3-year warranty while others may have a longer or shorter warranty period. Make sure you check the details of the luggage you want to buy to confirm this.


Ciao Voyager Hardside Spinner Luggage Set (3-piece)”


The most popular Ciao luggage collection is the Ciao Voyager Hardside Spinner Luggage Set. It’s made up of 3 main pieces: the 20-inch carry-on, the 24-inch and 28-inch pieces. These can be purchased separately, or you can buy them as a three-piece set for the best value.

The Ciao Voyager hardside spinner luggage set is made of polycarbonate, and feature multidirectional spinner wheels.

The spinner wheels move 360 degrees, making it easy for you to roll your luggage around the airport and when you’re in transit.

The luggage pieces have a ribbed exterior design which is great at disguising any possible scuff marks or scratches over time. It also gives the luggage an industrial feel.

There’s a lightweight aluminium telescopic handle on each of the luggage pieces, while the 24 inch and 28 inch pieces also have large side carry handles. This is important as it helps you when you need to lift your luggage, such as when you’re taking it out of a car trunk, or placing it on a conveyor belt.

I really like that the corners of each piece are reinforced, as often it’s the corners that tear first. The zippers are large, making them easy to pull open and close, and they’re very sturdy.

The Ciao Voyager hardside spinner luggage set comes in either aqua or dark lake blue.

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ciao voyager hardside spinner luggage reviews



Ciao Convertible Expandable Under Seat Carry-On Luggage

The Ciao convertible expandable under seat carry-on piece is unique because it’s a 2-in-1 bag that can either be a 15-inch under the seat bag, or it can be expanded to become a full sized luggage piece!

This is great because you don’t need to buy two separate luggage pieces- you can use this bag for short business trips, or for longer vacations.

When it’s a 15-inch bag, it meets most airline carry-on luggage requirements.

It has a push-button lightweight telescopic handle, and four inline skate wheels.

The bag is made of nylon with a fully lined interior. There are multiple interior and exterior compartments and pockets to make it easy to keep your belongings neat, safe and organized. This help you have easy access to your items when you need them while in transit.

The interior also has dual cross straps to hold your items in place.

While this bag can store your laptop, it will only fit a small laptop or tablet, so keep this in mind.

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My Ciao luggage reviews post should give you a better idea of which Ciao luggage piece to buy- there are different luggage pieces depending on what you need, whether it’s for a long trip with family or a solo, weekend getaway.

Think about what’s important to you when traveling, what features you prefer in a luggage piece, and what sort of vacation you’ll have. Knowing this will help you choose the best ciao luggage piece for your travel needs.

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