Travel Wallets: A Guide To Choosing The Best

Keep your valuables safe and organized while traveling. In this comprehensive guide to travel wallets, I share with you tips on choosing the best travel wallet for your family’s needs, as well as a review of 5 of the top travel wallets for 2016.

Passports, cash, credit cards, boarding passes, identification cards: as travelers, we all need to carry these important and valuable items on us.

Carrying such valuables can pose a security risk. With pickpockets and thieves operating in tourist hot spots, your valuables, particularly cash and credit cards, are prime targets.

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Here is a comprehensive guide to choosing the best travel wallet to keep your ID, cash and passports safe, leaving you to enjoy your vacation.

Travel Wallets: A guide to choosing the best

Top 5 Travel Wallets- A Quick Table Overview


Bellroy Leather Elements Travel Wallet

RFID-Blocking Travel Wallet

Access Denied RFID-blocking Travel Wallet

Travelon Safe ID Daisy Travel Wallet

Obosoyo Women's Large Capacity Travel Wallet


5.5x4.3 inches

6x4.5x1 inches

4.5x3.8x1 inches

7.5x0.8x4 inches

7.6x4.2x1.2 inches


Water-resistant zip

Heavy-duty leather

Holds up to 10 cards


Can hold iPhone


Holds up to 7 cards

Currency pocket

Holds passport

Quality leather


Holds up to 8 cards

Soft nappa leather

Different color options

Currency pocket


Holds up to 12 cards

Trusted brand

Quality nylon

Genuine Leather

Wax & oil finish

Holds up to 21 cards

Zippered pocket

Holds iPhone/ Samsung








best travel wallet

Best Travel Wallets 2016

I’ve read and researched dozens of different travel wallets and passport holders on the market- I’ve considered durability, functionality, design and price.

I’ve been a traveler for many years- I’ve been a backpacker, a business traveler and a family traveler. I’ve traveled on a tight budget and also dabbled in luxury travel. I’ve been to safe places and places where there are safety risks. I’ve been pickpocketed, but I’ve also been to pickpocket hotspots and not been targeted!

In short, I know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to using travel wallets.

Here is my comprehensive review of the best travel wallets and passport wallets for 2016 (in no particular order).


Bellroy Leather Elements Travel Wallet

If you’re a frequent traveler who wants a travel wallet that will last for a long time, then the Bellroy Leather Elements travel wallet is a suitable option for you.

Made of heavy-duty leather, it is durable and easy to keep clean and the water-resistant zip will protect your belongings from accidental spillages in your luggage or wet weather when you are out and about.

The wallet contains a travel pen which is handy for completing customs forms while traveling, and there is space inside the wallet for your passport, cash and coins. The wallet can hold between 4 to 10 cards.

The Bellroy Leather Elements is a popular choice for iPhone users, because the wallet has space for you to store your iPhone.

There is also a 3 year warranty.

It can hold your iPhone
Handy micro pen
Stylish looking

No RFID blocking technology
When storing the iPhone, it is a tight fit

Read customer reviews or find out the latest price.

RFID-Blocking Leather Passport Holder & Travel Wallet

If you’re a frequent traveling family that prefers quality without having to pay a higher price for it, then this RFID-blocking leather passport holder and travel wallet could be the best option for you.

Its beautiful design, which features top-quality leather and stitching, means you don’t have to sacrifice on style and quality.

The RFID-Blocking leather passport holder and travel wallet offers a secure way to store your identification and money. The RFID-blocking technology lining the wallet prevents identity theft through the scanning and skimming of your personal documents and identification.

The wallet is a great way to organize all of your identification, so that you can easily find what you need. There is a separate compartment for your passport, with a mesh pocket so that it is clearly visible.

There is a slot for your identification card, and 6 slots for other banking cards or rewards program cards. There are 2 large slip pockets and a separate currency compartment.

What I love about this particular travel wallet is that it is perfect for families, because it holds multiple passports. Its compact size means that it fits nicely in the pocket of a jacket, in a purse or your carry-on luggage.

It comes with a one-year warranty.

RFID-blocking technology to protect you from identity theft
Stylish, quality leather

Only has a one-year warranty

Read customer reviews or find out the latest price.

Access Denied Womens RFID Blocking Leather Slim Trifold Wallet

Made of 100% leather, the Access Denied women’s RFID blocking leather slim trifold wallet is a stylish yet effective wallet for women for safe traveling.

It is made of nappa leather, which is soft in texture, and it features RFID protection lining on its 8 card slots, that meets national security standards. This prevents fraudsters from illegally skimming and scanning your identification for theft purposes.

The wallet also features an ID window, has an exterior coin compartment and comes in a gift box if you are purchasing the wallet for a loved one. There is also a currency pocket and 2 slip pockets, and has a secure magnetic snap closure– not need to worry about annoying zippers!

The trifold design of the wallet means it is compact and can easily fit inside your travel handbag or a jacket pocket. There is a selection of colors available, including black, pink and turquoise.

RFID blocking technology
Stylish design with different color options
Affordable price

Some consumers complain of a strong smell
Cannot hold a passport

Read customer reviews or find out the latest price.

Travelon Safe Id Daisy Ladies Wallet

Travelon is a travel product brand that is known for its high quality, travel safety products. Its been producing quality travel products for over 35 years.

Its Safe ID Daisy Ladies Wallet comes with RFID blocking technology to keep your identity safe from thieves who skim and scan wallets to capture identification information.

This ladies wallet is ideal for travel, as it features 2 slots to organize your travel currency, as well as 12 card slots, 2 bill slots, an ID window and a zippered coin pocket.

It is made with lightweight nylon, a great option for vegan travelers or those who prefer a lightweight travel wallet option. It features embroidered daisy details and comes in a variety of fashionable colors. The inside of the wallet is striped with bright colors.

If you’d like to know more about Travelon’s travel products, you can read more about the Travel Anti-theft Messenger bag.

RFID-blocking technology
Trustworthy brand
Can hold up to 12 cards

Cannot store a passport

Read customer reviews or find out the latest price.

Obosoyo Women’s Large Capacity Luxury Wax Genuine Leather Wallet With Zipper Pocket

The Obosoyo Women’s Large Capacity Luxury Wax Genuine Leather travel wallet is made of top-quality grain leather with waxing and oiling to give it a luxurious look and feel. It has a vintage appearance, and the genuine leather is soft and has anti-scratch properties, making this a travel wallet that is durable and will last for a long time.

This wallet is perfect for traveling families, as it contains 21 card slots, including a photo slot. There are also four full length compartments and a zippered pocket to hold your coins. The zipper is heavy duty and there is detailed stitching which is important because the wallet holds many cards.

Its multi-fold design allows you to organize all of your travel cards and money, and there is also room to store an iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S7.

The wallet comes in a range of fashionable colors.

Luxurious top-grade leather
Can store up to 21 cards
Can hold your iPhone 6/ Samsung Galaxy S7

Does not contain RFID-blocking technology
Read customer reviews or find out the latest price.

 Why Use A Travel Wallet or Passport Holder?

Unlike an ordinary wallet you would use when not traveling, travel wallets and passport holders are designed with travelers in mind. Travelers carry more valuables and identification documents than non-travelers, and also want something discreet and stylish to avoid sticking out like a tourist.

Here are some practical reasons for using a travel wallet or passport holder:

To keep your travel documents and identification organized, especially important when traveling as a family.

For added security and protection- some wallets use RFID-blocking technology.

To have your travel documents ready and available when requested by customs or security.

To keep your passports and boarding passes protected from damage- replacing a lost or damaged passport while you are traveling is a logistical nightmare!

How to choose the best travel wallet or passport holder

A safe and secure travel wallet and passport holder is paramount, but there are other things you should consider when choosing the best travel wallet or passport holder. These things will depend on who is carrying the wallet, where you are traveling and how many of you there are.

The larger the family or group, the more documents and passports you need to bring with you.

Types of travel wallets and passport holders

Consider how you will use the wallet:

Will you be storing boarding passes, passports, cash, credit cards and other similar documents?

Will you need a small wallet just for cash and credit cards which will be kept in a backpack while you are out and about?

Will the wallet be kept in your pocket?

By working out how you will use the travel wallet, you will be able to determine the size, style and type of best travel wallet and passport holder for your needs.

You could keep your passports in a passport holder, have a wallet that stores all of your identification and credit cards, but have a small wallet for cash that you use on a daily basis when you are out sightseeing. Or you could keep everything in the one travel wallet if you aren’t going to be out and about much.

Having one wallet is ok while you are in transit. But the risk of keeping everything together in the one travel wallet that you take with you while out and about is that if you lose your wallet, you lose everything that identifies you.

Safety and security features

The most important features when choosing the best travel wallet and passport holder are the safety and security features. You need to choose a wallet that will offer the best protection from thieves and prevent you from losing cash or coins.

Modern travel means that electronic passports, or ePassports, are now becoming the norm. Many identification and bank cards now contain microchips and other electronic technology. While this might make your check-in process much faster, it also means that there are new safety risks you need to look out for.

The electronic chip on your credit card or passport holds sensitive information which thieves can get access to using skimming devices. This is called RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification. Tech-savvy thieves target passports and credit cards, and they can do it from a distance! The best travel wallet or passport holder to prevent skimming of your details is one that includes RFID blocking technology.

However, not all travel wallets feature RFID-blocking technology. One way to overcome this problem is to purchase RFID card protectors- put your card inside a protector, then place it in your wallet.

Other security risks while traveling including slashing and ripping traveler’s wallets. Thieves use pocket knives to slash wallets so that the contents can fall out and be easily stolen. This can happen in the blink of an eye without you even realizing! The best travel wallet to prevent this happening is one made with anti-theft and slash-proof material.


Large bulky wallets are a bulls eye for thieves! This could be a problem for families, especially larger families who have to carry a number of different documents and identification, and more cash than solo travelers.

When traveling as a family, it’s important to only carry the essentials with you and to keep these organized. It’s very easy to become disorganized during your travels as receipts and tickets build up. You don’t want these take up valuable space in your wallet.

The best travel wallet size would be one that is slim and compact enough, but has lots of different compartments and slots to keep everything organized. Some travel wallets are a little larger and allow you to carry lots of extras, such as tissues, eye drops, cell phones, pens and keys so that you don’t need to carry a travel purse.


As I mentioned in a recent post about the best spinner luggage, when investing in a travel wallet and passport holder, there are a range of budget options available. But, you get what you pay for! My personal opinion is that I would rather invest in a travel wallet and passport holder that will last a number of years and will do the job well.

Cheap wallets that break or tear means you end up losing cash and coins while traveling. I have heard stories of travelers whose travel wallets broke and they dropped their wallet or the contents without realizing!

Buying the best travel wallet doesn’t mean that you will only use it for travel- to get more value for money, buy a travel wallet you can also use when at home.


Yes, most travel wallets and passport holders are manufactured in China (as with almost every other product in the world!). But there are still differences in quality, and you can find a better quality travel wallet that will last.

The great news is that if you read further on, you will find my reviews of the best travel wallet and passport holder, with links to customer reviews so you can read what other travelers have to say.


When choosing the best travel wallet and passport holder, it’s a great idea to consider the material it is made of.

For top quality that lasts, genuine leather wallets are an excellent investment. They are more durable, more secure and look stylish. In short, they don’t make you look like a cheap tourist!

You could go the cheap route and buy a faux leather travel wallet. But faux leather doesn’t last very long- it rips and wears out.

Anti-slash travel wallets that you wear around your neck under clothing are made of durable nylon which can be uncomfortable to wear in hot weather. However, they are breathable and dry very quickly. Travel wallets made of nylon are also washable.

best travel wallet

Travel wallets are important to hold all of your identification cards and currency in a safe and well-organized manner.

The travel wallet you purchase will depend on your family’s needs and your own personal preferences. You may wish to make the purchase at the same time as purchasing your travel luggage or carry-on luggage. If you’re researching or wanting to buy the best spinner travel luggage for your family, then you may like to read our detailed post and review.

Have you recently purchased a travel wallet, or are there are any tips or advice you would like to share about choosing the best travel wallet for families?


best travel wallet


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