Swissgear Luggage Review

You’re planning your next vacation and need to buy new luggage.

Swissgear is a brand you want to know more about, but there aren’t many Swiss luggage review guides available.

I decided to research and write a detailed and helpful Swissgear luggage reviews post because it’s a popular brand with a large range of luggage. Rather than just focus on one or two of the Swissgear luggage pieces, I’ve collated over ten of the best Swissgear luggage pieces for you to read about.

Whether you’re looking for Swissgear harside luggage reviews or Swissgear carry on luggage reviews, you’ll find them both here.

When you think of Swiss, the Swiss army knife probably comes to mind. The same company that brought you the Swiss army knife is the maker of Swissgear luggage.

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Differences between the Swissgear luggage collections

Swissgear makes both hard sided and soft sided luggage, but regardless of your preference, both types of luggage have a great design and feature the latest innovations in travel luggage.

All the Swissgear luggage I’ve reviewed in this post have spinner wheels. Some pieces have four wheels, while others have eight. This makes it easy to roll your luggage around the airport.

Swissgear hardsided luggage is made of ABS polycarbonate. Some of the hardsided pieces have a smooth design while others have ridges to disguise any possible scuff marks or scratches.

When looking through the Swissgear hardside luggage reviews, look out for the size and whether the luggage is expandable, the external design, the number of spinner wheels, the colors, and the features of the top handle. Some handles have padding, while others don’t.

With the softsided luggage pieces, the main differences to look out for are whether the luggage is expandable, whether there are side handles, the number of spinner wheels, the colors available and the interior compartments.

I’ve included comparison tables throughout this review guide to help you easily see the differences between each luggage piece.


Swissgear Luggage Review


swissgear luggage reviews

Swissgear Hardside Luggage Reviews


SwissGear Travel Gear 6171 24″ Hardside Spinner

The Travel Gear 6171 is a hard-sided luggage piece that’s a stylish choice for fashion-conscious travelers who also value durability and strength in luggage.

The luggage comes in navy, and its exterior is made of lightweight polycarbonate and has a ribbed pattern to disguise any possible scratches or scuff marks.

The fabric-lined interior has two main compartments. One compartment is secured with straps, while the other is a zippered compartment to keep your belongings neatly organized and separated.

The Travel Gear 6171 comes with 8 spinner wheels that rotate 360 degrees, making it a breeze to roll your luggage around the airport.

For extra comfort, the lightweight aluminium retractable handle has soft rubber molding.

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SwissGear 6072 Upright Hardside Luggage Collection

The SwissGear 6072 hardside piece is another great choice for travellers wanting something stylish and durable to take on their next vacation.

The main difference between the SwissGear 6072 and other SwissGear luggage is that the exterior is smooth, without any ridges. Some people prefer this style.

It’s 24-inches and also comes as a 28-inch spinner or a 24-inch with inline wheels. The 24-inch spinner comes in black, dark grey or silver. The exterior is made of ABS polycarbonate.

There are four spinner wheels, and the handle is a locking telescopic handle.

The interior has two compartments: one zippered mesh pocket and one with two cross-straps.

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Swissgear Soft Sided Luggage Reviews

Why would travelers prefer soft sided luggage if hard sided luggage seems to be more durable?

Soft sided luggage is not always less inferior. In fact, there are some excellent, high-quality soft sided luggage brands on the market.

An advantage to using soft sided luggage is that it usually contains more storage pockets- soft sided luggage has external pockets. This helps with easy access and more organization.

Here are my Swissgear soft sided luggage reviews.


SwissGear Sion 29″ Black

The Sion is 29-inches high and 18-inches wide and can expand by an additional 2-inches, so you can squeeze in those last minute souvenirs!

I like that the Sion has a locking telescopic handle but also extra top and side handles that are reinforced. This helps when you’re carrying your luggage.

The exterior is made of fabric, with internal polyester lining.

There are four durable spinner wheels that rotate 360 degrees for ease of use.

There are two separate internal compartments. One compartment is a zippered mesh pocket while the other has two horizontal straps to keep your items in place.

The luggage comes in black or dark grey.

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SwissGear Nyon 29″ Lightweight Spinner Suitcase

The Nyon 29-inch lightweight suitcase has four spinner wheels to help you rotate your luggage 360 degrees, which makes things easier for you while in transit, especially if you’re traveling as a family.

The luggage is 29-inches high and can expand by an additional 0.75-inches to help you squeeze in those last minute items.

There is a locking telescopic handle that’s lightweight, and two reinforced carry handles on the top and side.

The exterior is made of polyester and the interior has polyester lining. The exterior has two front pockets for extra storage or if you need easy access to some of your items.

The luggage comes in black only.

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SwissGear Lightweight Spinner Luggage Collection

The SwissGear lightweight spinner is 29 inches high and 19 inches wide. It also comes in a 20 inch and 24 inch version.

The luggage is expandable by an extra 1.5 inches.

There are four spinner wheels that rotate 360 degrees, and a lightweight aluminium telescopic locking handle. To help with lifting or carrying your luggage, there are two extra reinforced handles on top and on the side.

The interior features two compartments: one that has horizontal straps to protect your belongings while the other is a large zippered mesh pocket. Here you can store your shoes or toiletries bag.

The luggage also comes with a removable wet pack.

The lightweight luggage is available in black, grey, blue, purple or red. This is great if you prefer luggage in bright colors that stand out and make it easy to find on the luggage carousel.


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Swissgear Carry On Luggage Reviews




SwissGear Sion 21″ Black

The Sion carry-on luggage piece is roomy and great for a family.

It’s 21 inches high and 13.5 inches wide, and can expand by an additional 2 inches to squeeze in those extra items you need for your flight. There’s always something extra you need to pack for the kids!

There are four rotational spinner wheels so you can easily turn your luggage 360 degrees.

The exterior is polyester fabric with two large exterior pockets, while the interior is lined and has two separate compartments. One is a large zippered mesh pocket and the other has two cross straps for extra security.

The handle is a locking telescopic handle and there are two reinforced carry handles on the top and side.

The Sion comes in black only.

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Swissgear Luggage Set Review

SwissGear has a luggage set available, which can be a more economical choice than buying individual pieces.



How To Choose The Best Swissgear Luggage

When choosing luggage, you need to think about what’s important to you when packing for a trip. While this can differ from person to person, there is criteria that is similar for most people, especially families.


While larger luggage means you can fit more in, it also means you run the risk of being stuck wheeling very heavy luggage. You also have to adhere to airline regulations regarding luggage, so bigger isn’t always better.

If you’re buying carry-on luggage, you’ll need to pick one that meets airline regulations as well as fits all the items you want to have with you on your flight.

Most Swissgear luggage collections come in a range of sizes, so you can buy the size that’s right for you. Sometimes it’s better to buy two smaller pieces than one extra-large piece.

Ease Of Use

Don’t just think about how easy or difficult it would be to roll your luggage around a crowded airport. Think about where you will be traveling, and what surfaces your luggage may come into contact with.

You need something sturdy and with strong wheels if you’re going to be walking along cobble stoned streets. If you’re going to be traveling on a bus or train, your spinner luggage might move while in transit!


Design is a personal choice, but some people prefer an industrial looking luggage piece than the traditional soft sided choices. Some collections offer a variety of colors if you like your luggage to stand out on the carousel.



Whether you prefer hard sided or soft sided luggage, there will be a Swissgear luggage piece for you. Think about what’s important to you when you travel, and use this as a guide to help you choose the right Swissgear luggage for your family.

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