Lucas Luggage Reviews 2021

With so many choices for luggage, it can be difficult to choose which brand to buy- you could buy one of the more well-known and expensive brands such as Samsonite, or you could find a lesser-known brand that’s still great quality for a fraction of the cost.

Lucas is one of those brands- not as well-known but still offers some great luggage for every budget.

If you’re like me, you like to read some reviews of luggage before making your final choice. I decided to research and write Lucas luggage reviews to help you make the right choice before buying!

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Lucas Luggage Reviews 2017


Lucas Luggage Reviews- Luggage Sets


When writing Lucas luggage reviews, I thought I’d start with luggage sets. Since this is a family travel blog, families prefer luggage sets rather than individual pieces. You need enough luggage to pack all the things required for a family vacation with kids. Buying a set of luggage is better value for money than buying each piece separately.


Lucas Accelerator 4 Pc Collection Luggage Wheeled Suitcase Set 22 26 & 30-inch And 20-inch Carry On Sized Duffel Bag


Perfect for large families

The Lucas Accelerator 4-piece set consist of a 20-inch carry on duffel bag, as well as 22 inch, 26 inch and 30 inch luggage pieces.

I’ve chosen this set as one of the best Lucas luggage pieces because it’s not often you come across luggage that is 30-inches. This is perfect if you’re traveling for a long time or if you’re moving to another state or country and need to take a lot of stuff with you.

I also like that the carry-on piece is a duffel bag. Duffel bags are practical when traveling, as you can use them as a day bag if you’re spending a day out with your family and need to pack lunch, sweaters and other items. You can also use your duffel bag as a weekend sports bag when you’re not traveling! One thing to note is there isn’t a shoulder strap, which is annoying. You can add your own strap to the bag, to solve this problem.

The luggage is made of 1680-denier polyester and the interior is lined. It’s easy to keep the luggage clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth.

The luggage has wheels but they aren’t spinner wheels. This is okay, as not everyone likes spinner wheels! The luggage is durable but still lightweight.

The set is available in two colours- dark red or a grey/blue color. It has external pockets and straps for easy access to your important items.

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Lucas Luggage Ultra Lightweight 3 Piece Expandable Suitcase Set With Spinner Wheels


Easy to manoeuvre

This ultra-lightweight set is excellent for traveling families that need to pack a lot of things but need to be able to easily move luggage while holding their kids or pushing a stroller.

The set uses sturdy spinner wheels that rotate 360-degrees, making it very easy to move your luggage around the airport. The aircraft-grade aluminium handles are lightweight and easy to push down when not in use, and they have high shock absorption.

The set is made up of a 20-inch carry-on piece, a 24-inch piece and a 28-inch piece (excluding wheels and handles). The carry-on piece has been tested to fit most airline overhead compartments.

The carry-on piece carries 35 liters, the medium piece carries 69 liters while the large piece carries 100 liters. As the luggage is expandable, it means you can store those last- minute purchase you made while traveling!

I think it’s important, when traveling as a family, to have easy access to important documents, medications and other essentials. The Lucas ultra-lightweight set has external pockets with easy access for this purpose.

When you’re not using the set, I love that you can nest the pieces inside each other for easy storage at home.

There is a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Lucas Luggage ABS Hard Case 3 Piece Rolling Suitcase Set With Spinner Wheels

The Lucas luggage ABS hard case 3-piece set is a durable, stylish and high-quality set for those who prefer hard side luggage.

The set consists of 20, 24 and 28-inch pieces, with the 20-inch piece being tested to fit in most airline overhead compartments. The pieces can hold 29, 60 and 84 liters. This makes this set slightly smaller than the previous ultra-lightweight set I reviewed.

The luggage pieces in this set all have spinner wheels that rotate 360 degrees, making it easy to glide your luggage through the airport. You could even carry one of your kids while manoeuvring the luggage at the same time!

The luggage interior is fully lined and has organizational pockets to keep your items separate and organized.

The hard-shell exterior is made from scratch-resistant textured ABS, making the luggage sturdy and durable.

The luggage set has a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Lucas Luggage Reviews- Carry On Pieces


LUCAS Wheeled Under The Seat Cabin Bag – 16″


When I first saw the Lucas Wheeled Under the Seat cabin bag, I thought, “Wow!” I haven’t seen anything like it before!

It’s a luggage piece that is a must-have for all families, simply because it’s an organizer’s dream bag! There are many special compartments that make it easy to store everything nicely and you can access all those special items very easily (no need to rummage through your bag!).

Since the bag is only 16 inches, you can easily store it underneath your airline seat.

The bag is made of Doby polyester and the interior is lined and has a main compartment for the majority of your items (think spare change of clothes). There’s a separate hanging cosmetic satchel, a ticket and document holder, and it also includes travel slippers you can wear during security checks.

There’s a front zippered clear partition pocket so you can easily see what you’ve packed in the pocket. You can also carry a water bottle in the exterior mesh pocket, for easy access.

The bag has wheels, making it easy to manoeuvre the bag using the 23-inch handle.

Overall, I love this bag and so do many other consumers! There are so many things to pack for a family vacation and you want easy access to those important things such as passports, travel documents, your phone or table, cosmetics and toiletries. These are things travelers typically have in a carry-on bag.

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Lucas Luggage 22 Inch Printed Rolling Carry-On Suitcase Wheeled Duffel


Not everyone likes a conservative colored carry-on bag- some of us love a bit of color and fun! If this is you, then you’ll probably like the Lucas luggage 22-inch printed rolling carry-on.

This luggage piece is a duffel-style carry-on that’s slightly larger than most other carry-on luggage, and 22 inches. This may or may not be good- some airlines may say it’s too large to use as a carry-on.

Personally, I like the extra space because you can use the luggage for other purposes (I had a similar bag that I used for an overnight hospital stay).

The luggage is made of polyester fabric to keep your belongings dry and safe. It’s very easy to keep clean, just wipe it down with a damp cloth.

The luggage has in-line skate wheels so you can easily roll the luggage rather than carry it. However, depending on the weight of the bag, sometimes the bag can tip over, so just keep this in mind. The luggage itself is lightweight.

The telescopic, push-button ergonomic handle makes it easy for you to manoeuvre the luggage.

There’s a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Lucas Troy Hard Case Carry On 20″ Expandable Luggage With Spinner Wheels


I’ve chosen the Lucas Troy carry-on as one that’s worth reviewing because it’s extra wide compared with other carry-on luggage. This makes it a great choice for families needed to pack extra items.

The storage capacity is 29 liters, and when expanded it can store an extra 3 liters. The luggage is around 20 inches, and so it’s the expandable part that makes this luggage wider than standard. But don’t worry- the Lucas Troy has been extensively tested and fits most airline overhead luggage compartments!

I also like that the Lucas Troy has built in TSA locks, which most other Lucas luggage pieces don’t have.

The aircraft-grade aluminium handles are lightweight and makes it easy for you to manoeuvre your luggage around the airport, on its 4 spinner wheels (which rotate 360 degrees).

The exterior is extra durable, and is a composite polycarbonate shell (made from ABS with a PC film).

The interior is lined and has two separate compartments- one has straps to keep your items secure and well-organized while the other compartment has a zipper.

There’s a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty available.

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Lucas Outlander Luggage Carry On Hard Case 20 inch Expandable Rolling Suitcase With Spinner Wheels

I’ve chosen to review the Lucas Outlander carry-on hard case luggage because it’s a solid and reliable piece of luggage which has had lots of great feedback from other consumers.

It packs well and stores around 29 liters, and is the perfect size to put in the overhead compartment of most airlines without any problems.

The piece has four spinner wheels, making it easy to roll your luggage around the airport- the wheels rotate 360 degrees.

The interior is lined and features two separate compartments, with the main compartment including straps to keep your items secure. The other compartment is zippered.

This luggage piece is expandable by up to 2-3 inches, which is great if you need to squeeze in those last few souvenirs you forgot you bought!

I like the design and style of the luggage- it comes in 4 different colors. I’m a fan of conservative colors like the charcoal, but if you want your luggage to stand out to make it easier to find, you can also choose between red, purple and steel blue.

There is a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Lucas Lightweight Luggage Reviews


Lucas Luggage Ultra Lightweight Softside 24 inch Expandable Suitcase With Spinner Wheels


Lightweight luggage is very important for families- it’s hard trying to manoeuvre luggage and hold your child’s hand at the same time, so it’s great if you can find lightweight luggage that’s still durable.

If you’re looking for Lucas lightweight luggage, then the ultra-lightweight softside is a great choice.

It’s 24 inches, so this piece is not suitable as a carry-on even though it is lightweight. The luggage has a capacity of 69 liters when it’s not expanded, and can increase capacity by up to 6 liters when expanded! This is helpful- how often have you returned home with more luggage than when you left home?

I like that it’s a softside luggage piece, because sometimes these luggage pieces are more flexible and therefore easier to pack than hard side luggage.

It has spinner wheels, making it easy to roll your luggage using the lightweight ergonomic handle that’s easy on your hand.

There’s a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty available.

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Lucas Vortex Ultra Lightweight Luggage Reviews

Lightweight luggage is something that many people prefer, especially if you’re travelling with family or have a few luggage pieces. It’s much easier to manoeuvre a lightweight luggage piece than something that’s heavy.

When I was researching for my Lucas luggage reviews, I noticed that many consumers want to know more about Lucas lightweight luggage, and I noticed that the Vortex is a very popular collection.


Lucas Vortex Ultra Lightweight Collection 20 Inch Spinner

The Lucas Vortex ultra-lightweight 20-inch spinner luggage piece is a great carry-on option for those looking for something lightweight.

It’s a durable piece, and very easy to lift and store in the overhead luggage compartment. If you’re someone who travels often, you’ll appreciate this!

It’s 20-inches high and has been tested to fit in most airline overhead luggage compartments. It’s expandable, up to an extra 2 inches, so if you need to pack those last-minute souvenirs you’ve bought, this is helpful.

Even though it’s made from 100% polyester and is lightweight, the Lucas Vortex is durable and sturdy while still being compact.

It has a multi-stage handle so that you can choose the height that you’d like it to be, and the handle has an ergonomic grip for extra comfort.

The luggage has 4 spinner wheels that rotate 360 degrees, making it easier for you to roll your luggage around the airport.

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How To Choose The Best Lucas Luggage

As with choosing any luggage, there are a few things to think about before making your choice.

If you’ve read my Lucas luggage reviews, you should hopefully have a better idea of which one to buy. But if not, consider the following before making a choice:


Think about the number of people in your family who will be travelling and then try to work out roughly how many items you’ll need to pack. This will help you choose the right size of luggage.

Are you travelling to a colder destination? Then you’ll need to pack thicker, warmer clothes that will take up more space than if you were travelling somewhere hot.

Do you need a carry-on luggage piece as well or do you just want luggage that you will be checking in?



Do you want to pack everything into one luggage piece? Don’t forget that this might make it heavy and uncomfortable to move around. Sometimes it’s worth packing less but having more luggage, especially if you have teenagers who are old enough to help you move luggage around.

If you think you’ll need more than one luggage piece, then consider buying a set as this is more economical.


Hard or Soft side?

This is a personal preference. While many people prefer a hard case because they think it’s more durable and less prone to breakages, they can still break and scratch. And there are some great soft-sided luggage pieces that can outlast a hard-sided piece!



There are many great Lucas luggage pieces, whether you are looking for something ultra-lightweight or just need a great carry-on that will keep your items safe and well-organized.

Consider the needs of your family before buying a Lucas luggage piece, and read through all of my Lucas luggage reviews until you’re comfortable you’ve made the right choice!


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