Weekend Reads. Inspiring Travel. #3



It’s been another week of reading inspiring travel stories and informative posts, and I’d like to share these with you. And if you enjoy them, please show some love and follow or like the blogs. I’m sure their writers would appreciate it.

Find some time this weekend to make a cup of coffee or tea, and be inspired by the following travel reads!


Breathtakingly Beautiful Baw Baw by Fit Mother Hubbard- It’s the middle of winter here in the Southern Hemisphere and although there’s no snow in Australia’s metropolitan cities, travel a few hours outside of Melbourne, Sydney or Canberra and you can play in the white stuff and get back home in time for dinner. Here’s a post about beautiful Mt Baw Baw in Victoria, Australia.


How To Teach Kids About Their Heritage by The Afropolitan Mom- We live in a society made up of blended and culturally diverse families. Do your kids know about their heritage? Have you wanted to share your culture with your kids but not sure how to go about it? There are some great tips in this post.


6 Packing Mistakes to Avoid When Traveling With Kids by The Huffington Post- Huff Post Travel shares some obvious but important tips to help you pack for your next family trip.


Positano You Stole A Little Piece Of My Heart by Seize The Day Project- A beautiful recount of days spent in the gorgeous Italian town of Positano.


Enjoy your weekend and stay warm if you are in the southern Australian states!


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