Top Things To Do With Your Kids In Croatia

Kids Croatia


Croatia is fast becoming a must-visit place for many world travellers, especially young backpackers looking for some fun in the sun. But Croatia is also a fantastic destination for families with children of any age, packed with enough natural beauty and opportunities for adventure to make any family trip  memorable. And throw in some cultural festivals and excellent food and you have the makings of a European destination not to be missed!

We recently took our children to Croatia, and although my Croatian heritage probably influenced their views, they all agreed that it was one of their favourite places to visit during our 5 week European adventure.

So what are some of the top things to do in Croatia with kids?

Kids Croatia


Top things to do with your kids in Croatia

Visit Krka National Park

  1.  Hubby and I had been to Plitvice National Park many years ago and remember lots of walking and climbing steps, and I was worried about bringing the kids to Krka in case they could not cope with all the walking. But we found Krka to be easier to walk around and as it was much smaller than Plitvice, it did not take long to walk around the main section of the park. So for families I would recommend Krka over Plitvice, and if the weather is nice enough you can swim! Krka National Park is about an hour’s drive from either Zadar or Split.


Beaches Croatia


  1. Dalmatian island of Brac: From Split, there are ferries every hour taking you to the town of Supetar and back to Split. When you get off the ferry at Supetar, walk towards the right hand side of the main town, and follow the path along the water. You will pass some craft sellers, taverns and a few outdoor bars. Let the kids go on the waterslides while mum and dad sit at the outdoor bar sipping on a cocktail or two, or enjoy a massage! Then head to the nearby pebbly beach with turquoise clear water for a swim or snorkel (our kids found various hermit crabs!) with views of mountains on the mainland in the distance. Have dinner on the island before catching a late ferry back to Split, preferably around sunset for some stunning views.

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Zagreb Croatia


  1. Spend a couple of days in Zagreb: Many tourists overlook the Croatia’s capital city, however it is a very relaxed city that is easy to walk around with kids. Take the funicular up to the old town and wander around the streets and see St Marks Church. Or visit the park Maksimir. We were recently in Zagreb (early June) during its International Street Festival Cest is D’Best, which brings together international performers of all kinds to the streets of Zagreb. There were street performers every evening, and concerts on stages throughout the city. So much entertainment for the whole family!


Zadar Croatia


  1. Visit Zadar’s Sea Organ (Morske Orgulje): Croatia’s coastal city of Zadar is home to a unique sea organ designed by Croatian architect Nikola Bašić, which consists of polyethylene tubes and cavities concealed by marble steps. As waves push air through the tubes, amazing harmonic sounds are created. A perfect end to a day in Zadar would be to sit on these steps and relax to the sounds of the organ while watching the sun set (and eating an ice-cream, of course!). Which brings us to the final top thing to do with kids in Croatia…


Kids Croatia


  1. Eat ice-cream (and lots of it!): It never ceases to amaze me how many ice cream sellers there are on the Croatian coast- no matter the city, you will find ice-cream anywhere you go, in the most amazing flavours, from tiramisu to kiwifruit (and even Red Bull!).


These are just some of the top places to visit and things to do with your kids but no matter where in Croatia you go, you are sure to find a festival, national park, secluded beach and ice-cream!

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Has your family ever visited Croatia and if so, what did your family like the most? I’d love to know!

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24 thoughts on “Top Things To Do With Your Kids In Croatia”

  1. We went to Croatia pre kids but I think there were some fun things for families to do. Jumping of the rocks into crystal clear waters and climbing through old forts and towns – such fun for a kid and parent to explore.

    • Hi Sally
      Yes so many old forts and towns, great for a child’s imagination. I hope you get the chance to take your kids there someday! Thanks for stopping by.

    • Definitely not, when compared with the U.K. and France where we also travelled (but then again, I think nearly everywhere is cheaper than the U.K. and France!). I think you get better value for money in terms of food and accommodation, however I’ve been told Dubrovnik is more expensive than the rest of Croatia (we didn’t make it there this time).

    • We hired a rental car in Croatia and drove down most of the coastline. If we had more time, we would have liked to drive to Bosnia from Split, in particular to the town of Mostar and also Sarajevo. Maybe next time! I hope you do get to go to Croatia and explore the neighbouring countries too!

  2. I’ve been to Croatia pre-kids, and always wanted to talk the kids back. I didn’t realise there was so much to do with kids and only thought of the city walls of Dubrovnik as being of interest. Thanks for the info!

    • Dubrovnik is often the only place in Croatia mentioned in travel media- but there is so much more to explore! And I’ll add, there are at least 3 water theme parks in Croatia, with one of them being the largest in Europe. So definitely worth taking the kids! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. The sea organ sounds so cool – it’s such an awesome idea! I’ve always loved the sound of waves, but this brings a whole new meaning to “song of the sea”. Plus ice cream? Yes please! Thanks for the tips – great suggestions!

  4. Croatia looks like so much fun! I have seen so many beautiful pictures of Croatia on my social media feed now, that I’m highly interested in planning a trip soon! #wanderlustwednesdays

    • Croatia is a very popular destination at the moment- in fact tourist numbers this year are record-breaking. I hope you get to visit there soon! 🙂


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