Pre-Departure Travel Tips: What To Do Before You Leave Home

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You’ve booked your flights and secured accommodation, the trip is not too far away. The excitement in your home is building, but your stress levels are also climbing!

But before you rush out the door and to the airport, there are a number of handy pre-departure tips I want to share with you that will help you ensure a smooth and relaxing trip ahead.


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When you were planning your trip, you probably put a lot of effort into finding the cheapest flights and accommodation. Don’t forget to research and organise the best airport transfer taking into consideration your family needs and budget. We took public transport from a few airports and while this was a cheaper option for us, it was a nightmare dragging heavy suitcases up and down flights of stairs at the Metro stations in Paris and London, while also trying to keep an eye on the kids! A taxi is a much better option.


Contact Your Bank

Let your bank know of your travel plans- where you will be travelling and the dates. This will prevent the bank from freezing your bank account due to incorrectly suspecting fraudulent activity. You don’t want to be in a foreign country without access to money!


Preparations For Packing

Create a list of all the items of clothing you are planning to pack for each family member. Pull out your children’s clothing and check that it still fits them. If there are any items you need to shop for, do so as soon as possible. It can be tricky finding summer clothing in the middle of winter, or snow gear in the middle of summer! Also check that you have the right luggage- suitcases or bags large enough to fit your items and strong enough to endure long flights or drives. Shopping around for luggage, then look HERE.



If you are going to be using your phone while away, especially for taking photos or video footage, create a cloud account so that you can upload your photos and videos on a regular basis while away. Not only does this allow you to free up your phone’s memory, but you won’t lose any precious memories if your phone gets lost or, as was the case with me while in Europe recently, your phone stops working.


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Take photographs of all valuable items you plan to take with you, so that you have proof of ownership in case of theft. Take a photo on your camera of your contact details, so that if someone finds your lost camera they know how to contact you.


Another great pre-departure tip is to organise and freeze a meal that you can eat the day you return. Click To Tweet


If you are coming home from a long flight, the last thing you want to worry about is cooking or going out to buy food. When we arrived home from our European trip, we had family visit us who bought along some groceries. I was so happy not to have to leave the house for a couple of days while recovering from jet lag. I highly recommend asking someone to do this for you too!


What you do pre-departure can make or break your trip.

Yes there are travel agents and websites to help you book your ideal itinerary, but there’s no one to help you with all the mundane but equally important tasks.

By implementing the tips I have shared, you can begin to focus on the adventure that lies ahead, and leave the everyday stresses behind you as soon as you walk out the door!


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Relax: you’re on holidays!


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