Fun Things To Do In The Netherlands With Your Kids

Fun With Your Kids In the Netherlands

Believe it or not, there’s more to the Netherlands than Amsterdam, and there are lots of fun things to do in the Netherlands with kids. Here I share with you some of the fun activities we did with our kids.

Fun Things to do in The Netherlands with Kids

In 2007 and 2013, a United Nations SURVEY found that Dutch children were the happiest children in the world, based on factors such as behavior, health, education, safety and well-being.

And it’s no wonder! There are so many fun things to do in the Netherlands with kids, and on our recent 6 day stay our family found plenty of ways to keep the kids amused.

We chose the historical city of Delft as our home base and explored places in the surrounding cities and towns. We chose to stay in Delft to be close to our relatives but also close to public transport, and our train to Paris was departing from Rotterdam which was only a 10 minute train trip from Delft.

During our time in the Netherlands, we got to know other cities and towns, proving that there’s more to Holland than Amsterdam!

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Here are some family friendly activities for you to enjoy in The Netherlands with your kids:


things to do in the netherlands with kids


  1. Visit Ontdekhoek (The Discovery Corner). This is a big workshop with over 30 different activities for kids to choose from, including making scented soaps, building things with miniature bricks, making a metal bracelet, to making curly potato chips. You pay for how many hours you want to spend there and in that time, you choose whatever activities you want to do. Their only rule is that the adults are NOT allowed to help the kids and spoil the fun! There are 4 Ontdekhoek centres across the Netherlands (including Amsterdam). We visited the one in Rotterdam. More information HERE.

things to do in the netherlands with kids


  1. Visit the historic town of Delft. Delft is famous for Delft Blue ceramic pottery and was the birthplace of the famous Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer (who painted The Milkmaid and Girl With A Pearl Earring). Take a walk through the quaint streets, alongside the canals and into “The Markt” (the main square). Here there are various souvenir stores as well as cafes, cake shops and…lots of cheese! And there are lots of fun photo opportunities for the kids.

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Cakes at Rotterdam food market



  1. Visit the largest indoor and outdoor markets in the Netherlands. Rotterdam is home to the new Markthal, an indoor food market with over 96 food stalls, it’s a foodies paradise! Charcuteries, sweets, juices and, of course, cheeses! The Markthal opened in October 2014 and is predicted to attract up to 7 million tourists per year. And in front of this tall, horse-shoe shaped building is the Netherlands’ largest outdoor market, selling anything and everything. Including frites with mayonnaise. Yum! More information can be found HERE.

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  1. Go on a canal boat cruise. There are canals all over the Netherlands, not just in Amsterdam. We were fortunate enough to have our Dutch relatives organize a family boat cruise (even though the weather was wet and cold, we had a great time!). More information can be found HERE.


Other things for families to do (that we did not have the time for):

  1. Linnaeushof. With over 350 play structures, Europe’s biggest playground has something for every child, regardless of age and ability, and is a 15 minute drive from Haarlem. More information is available HERE.

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  1. Dick Bruna Huis. Located in Utrecht, this is a museum dedicated to all things Miffy, the kids book written by Dutch author Dick Bruna (and also made into a TV series).

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Madurodam_pays_bas (6)Madur


  1. Madurodam. This is an interactive miniature park that showcases all things Dutch, located in The Hague.

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  1. Amusement Parks. If your family likes amusements, there are several located throughout the Netherlands, including Efteling (which combines roller coasters and fairy tales), Duinrell (which also features a heated swimming pool) and Slagharen (with rides, parades and shows).

 *A helpful post about Efteling by Kids On Board can be found HERE.

With all of these family friendly activities and sights to explore and visit, your kids can also be the happiest kids in the world!


Have you spent time in The Netherlands with your family? What are some fun things you did with your kids while there?

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  2. Do you know what, and I hate to say it, no I haven’t spent time in the Netherlands and that’s really bad. Why? Because all of my mothers family live there. I”ve seen beautiful pictures and heard stories of my mothers travels but we’ve just never gone. The main reason is because my sister and her family live in the USA so our trips are usually there instead. Love Delftware, I have lots of it in my house!


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